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Sarah Hollis

Actor - Producer - Writer - Creator - Coach


"As a mixed race Jewish woman, I have always been forced to check my identity as "other". But, as an actor, who's wanted to be more than just an "other", I feel called to create the space for all those who have never felt like they belong."

Sarah Hollis

My Story

a tenderly funny Blew (Black Jew)

When asked about when I first fell in love with acting, my mother infamously tells the story of how, when I was 4 I was cast in my first ever commercial for Chevrolet. I was, by far, the youngest girl on set, my mom had originally taken my older sister for the audition. Upon seeing me, casting asked if I was available, and my mom (who I can't call a manager, but she is a child psychiatrist, so same-same), negotiated to have them take both of us.  Apparently the director wanted to get extra shots of me in the tutu, while the others ate cookies and milk. When I finished my leading lady shooting, I freaked out because there were no more oatmeal raisin cookies (yes, I've always been different), I freaked out. They got me a whole box, sat me up in the directors chair and treated me like a young Beyoncé. That was the moment, my mom says, I was hooked.

For the rest of my life, to my stable-jobbed doctor parents' dismay, I pursued acting. In fact, instead of going to NYU where I received an artistic scholarship, I decided to charge my parents the most agony and come out to sunny LA to have a career on screen. I was determined to open the doors for mixed babies like me-- to help the world see in full color, as opposed to Black and White.

Over the last three years, I have started incorporating my integrated view into producing, where the projects I've acquired, connect the audience to a common feeling: the desire we all hold to belong. As I've always felt on the outside of multiple communities, I found creating the group of those who want to belong, stretch across racial, spiritual and gender lines. Welcome to Belonging; a Sarah Hollis collaboration.

Voice Over

Voice Over

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"Sarah Hollis’ portrayal of Beneatha, Walter Lee’s sister, an undeniable crowd-pleaser..."

The Los Angeles Times